A special program designed for infants and young toddlers keeping in mind the requirements of their growth and development. 7 months onwards babies show increased mobility. Now is the time when all little ones need a safe space to explore and discover the world around them. Our Parent Toddler program provides just that – a safe place where they will explore a variety of toys, books, musical instruments and open ended material under the watchful eye of their parent. As your little one explores our parent toddler guide will help you drive them to a more challenging play.

Program Highlights

  • Exploratory activities –for all senses – visual, auditory, textural, olfactory and taste”The baby connects to you and the world through each one of the senses as they try to figure out how the world works. You, the parents, are their guides.”
  • Tactile Activities –Babies like to explore textures. Activities to explore different shape, sizes and textures like ball play, sand play, water play, exploring nature etc.
  • Visual activities – The number-one way to boost baby’s vision: Make eye contact with your new-born to help him/ her focus on your face. Together with activities that will give you plenty of opportunities to converse and make eye contact – peek-a-boo, Colour play, magic painting, track on, colourful toys etc.
  • Auditory Activities –babies prefer high pitched voices but should not be exposed to loud noises, such as blaring music or power tools, that could damage their hearing with this in mind we give them activities like musical instruments, singing, Sanskrit shlokas, stories with tone variation, puppet shows etc. not just to develop their hearing but language skills too.
  • Olfactory Activities – The sense of smell is one of the earliest to emerge in the foetus because smells cross the amniotic fluid. We keep the momentum going by giving them activities that expose them to a variety of smells like flower power, is that my mummy/daddy, kitchen time etc.
  • Tasting activities – Taste buds are fully formed at birth but are largely exposed to only sweet tasting foods like breast or formula milk, kheer or porridge etc. we explore a variety of tastes with activities like food fun, I like I do not like, funny fruits, vegie power etc.The program will cover Exploratory, Literacy, Creative, Sensory domains with a variety of activities and special activities like brain gym and toddler yoga.

Monsoon Program
July to October

Winter Program
November to February  

Age Group
Group 1 : 1 years to 2 years

Monday to Friday

Group 1
11.00 am to 12.30 pm

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