Program Highlights

As children move to senior kindergarten children will learn more deeply about topics like – Myself – they learn about our bodily systems like circulatory, skeletal, respiratory, digestiveetc., dependency on environment; healthy eating, careand Hygiene – its importance, need, food pyramid and good nutrition
Environmental Awareness – conservation of water, recyclable material, importance of recycling; refuse – reduce – reuse
Animal Kingdom – Vertebrates / invertebrates, mammals, Forests & Sanctuaries, endangered & extinct species;
Window to the world – Continents, Hemispheres, major countries, India, festivals, & celebrations, world leaders;
Communication – ways, instruments;
Solar System – basic, planets stars, sun – its importance and need
Along with this in number work children will learn oral and written number 1 – 100, counting in 10s and 5s, number values up to 100, number spellings 0-100, <> =, ascending and descending, read and draw, count and write etc.
Language and literacy will include beginning and ending sounds of words, days of the week, months of the year, rhyming words, prepositions, describing words, action words, words beginning with blends, use of this and these, a and an, constructing short sentences, write 5 sentences on simple topics like my mother, father, pet, school, etc.
Children will be able to differentiate between moveable and immoveable, animate and inanimate, living and non-living,
Children will be able to write names of 5-10 names of common animals, vegetables, fruits, flowers, birds, insects etc. children will match animal babies, food, homes, label parts of the plant, fish, bird etc.

June to March

Age Group
5 Years to 6 Years

Monday to Friday

8.30 am to 1.00 pm

Staff And Children ratio

2 Teachers : 20 children

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